Who is the fastest player in FM24?


Many attributes can make a player stand out from the crowd and give them an advantage on a football pitch. Those attributes sometimes play a key role in FM24, as players who have certain attributes can make or break your FM tactic.

One of the most significant attributes I look for in a player is pace. I am not opposed to the odd clogging centre-back, but for me, my full-backs, wingers and forwards have to have pace and good acceleration.

Having pace in your team is especially important if you are using defensive or counter-attacking tactics, as pacey players can quickly get you up the pitch.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the fastest players (who are easily accessible) on FM24. Enjoy!

Kylian Mbappe (Real Madrid, Pace 20 and acceleration 20)

kylian mbappe fm24 fastest players

It will come as no surprise to anybody who has watched Mbappe play, but the French World Cup winner is the fastest player on FM24. His attributes are maxed out in the two areas we are using for criteria.

He has the ability to outpace the majority of defenders on this planet and probably defenders from other planets if there are any out there.

Combined with incredible attributes in other areas of his game, Mbappe is one of the best players in the game.

Alphonse Davies (Bayern Munich, Pace 19 and acceleration 19)

alphonso davies fm24 fastest players

The Bayern Munich star is currently displaying his skills at the Copa America for the Canadian national team. One of his most noticeable attributes on a football pitch is his pace and recovery speed.

If his team gets caught up field, and there is little defensive cover, Davies has the ability to bail his team out. As well as strong pace and acceleration, Davies also has high ratings in dribbling, determination, flair and work rate. When all combined you have an excellent asset to any squad.

Karim Adeyemi (Dortmund, Pace 19 and acceleration 19)

karmin adeyemi fm24 fastest players

The once FM wonderkid has not quite hit the heights that were predicted of him in earlier editions of FM since his switch to Dortmund from Austrian outfit Salzburg in 2022.

However, one of his main attributes since he burst onto the scene has always been his pace, something which is evident if you have used the German international in FM24.

There are other high-ranking stats for the forward, though, as his stats for aggression, determination, and agility are all above 15. Who knows, he may well start fulfilling his FM potential in the future, after all he is still only 22 years of age.

Achraf Hakimi (PSG, Pace 19 and acceleration 18)

arcraf hakimi fm24 fastest players

Mbappe’s former PSG teammate, Hakimi, is renowned for his pace, which is rated at 19. This is reflected in his attributes. His acceleration is also 18, which is impressive.

The Moroccan international is regarded as one of the top attacking full-backs in the beautiful game. Hakimi also scores high for off the ball and natural fitness in FM24.

Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid, Pace 18 and Acceleration 19)

vinicius junior fm24 fastest players

The diminutive Brazilian winger has blossomed into one of the top stars in the world game in recent years. He was highly influential in Real Madrid’s recent stellar campaign, during which they won the double of the Champions League and La Liga titles.

One key aspect of Vinicius Junior’s game is his pace, which allows him to run at opponents and often create goalscoring opportunities.

Considering his star status at Real Madrid and his ability, Vini Junior’s high stats in dribbling, finishing, determination (his highest stat at 20), decisions, and flair, amongst other things, are highly unsurprising.

Jeremie Frimpong (Bayer Leverkusen, Pace 18 and acceleration 18)

jeremie frimpong fm24 fastest players

The Netherlands international enjoyed a stellar campaign with Bayer Leverkusen, as Die Werkself won their maiden Bundesliga title.

The right wing-back’s attacking contribution played a crucial role in Xabi Alonso’s team’s success in season 2023/24. Along with pace and acceleration, Frimpong’s stats for dribbling, flair, off the ball, agility, and natural fitness are all high.

Frimpong has attracted the inevitable vultures from some of Europe’s biggest clubs.

Galeno (Porto, Pace 18 and acceleration 18)

galeno fm24 fastest players

The Portuguese winger seems to combine his pace and acceleration with several other attributes that make him a very good player. For instance, Galeno’s dribbling, flair, agility, stamina and natural fitness stats are all high.

The versatile wide man showed his worth to Porto in season 2023/24, as he scored 16 goals and also produced ten assists in 44 appearances in all competitions.

Sheraldo Becker (Real Sociedad, Pace 18 and acceleration 18)

sheraldo becker fm24 fastest players

Unlike most of the players on this list, Becker’s stats are not great on FM24. He is a capable player, but his standout attributes are his high pace and acceleration, both rated at 18.

The Dutch forward scored just six goals in 35 appearances in all competitions for Union Berlin and then Spanish outfit Real Sociedad in season 2023/24.

Rabbi Matondo (Rangers, Pace 18 and acceleration 18)

rabbi matondo fm24 fastest players

In previous editions of Football Manager, the Welsh international was regarded as a hot prospect. However, he hasn’t entirely lived up to his potential yet at 23, although there is still time for Matondo to thrive.

The stats that stand out for the winger are his pace and acceleration, which are both 18. Unfortunately, his other stats are mediocre, and he never seems to really seems to become a top player in FM24.

Which of the players on our list do you sign on FM24?