Our favourite FM24 formations


As any self-respecting FM player knows, your formation or tactics can shape your enjoyment of a game. The wrong tactic or formation can lead to frustration and a player’s ability to enjoy the beloved series.

The latest edition of the game is no different. During my FM24 journey, I have tried and tested many formations for THTP and my personal game.

Here are the formations that I found to be my favourites on FM24:


Example of tactic 4231 Cheat Tactic META by MrBishnakov

tactics 4231 Cheat Tactic META

This formation is almost a cheat code at this point. It is one of the most popular FM formations and has been, for some time, taking its lead from football in real life.

If anybody reads my tactic-testing articles, then they will be sick of me banging on about balance. However, that is what the 4-2-3-1 brings in terms of your team.

The most balanced approach is to use two defensive midfielders in front of the backline on either defend or support duties, which gives your three attacking midfielders the licence to get forward to support the lone frontman.

It also often allows full-backs or wing-backs the freedom to participate in attacks, knowing that they have the defensive midfielders who will cover them with the right duties anyway.

I have found that if you use a 4-2-3-1 with two central midfielders further forward, the team has less balance. The team is more defensively open, which could allow the opposition more opportunities to attack your backline.

Their roles and duties are vital if you play with two central midfielders rather than two defensive midfielders. For me, using the two defensive midfielders just gives you a safety net.

This can prove to be an issue if you have really good central midfielders who don’t really fit into either the defensive or attacking midfield categories. You then have to convert them to match the formation, which is never ideal and can be time-consuming.

Obviously, a big factor in your team’s success can be your mentality. However, with this formation, you can use most mentalities and be successful as long as you have the right players.

I favour positive and attacking mentalities. At the end of the day, we play FM for entertainment, so cautious or defensive mentalities do nothing for me. Occasionally, I find a good tactic using a balanced mentality, but those seem rarer than rocking horse faeces.


Example of the tactic Ultimate 433 by ZimsMula

tactics ultimate 433

This is another formation that brings balance to our FM universe. In terms of popularity, it is a close second to the 4-2-3-1. It is another default tactic that many players build their early teams on.

Many people use 4-3-3 as their formation as it is relatively simple to set up. The only things that may differ are the duties and roles, which, given a small tweak, can change absolutely everything.

Once again, the critical roles for me in a 4-3-3 are in the centre of the park. These can dictate the whole tone and success of your tactic.

At the base of midfield three, you will generally have a relatively defensive midfield on defend duty to once again add protection to your backline.

The key to the tactic’s success is the roles and duties of the two players in front of the DM. I tend to favour one of the two central midfielders utilising the attack duty, so he joins in with the attack and helps with goals and assists. The other midfielder may be on support duty or defend duty to balance your team.

However, as the above example shows, it can work out well with two central midfielders on support in mezzala roles. Again, it’s all about finding that balance between too attacking and too defensive, no matter what mentality you are using.


Example of the tactic Undringstaktiken 4-1-1-3-1 by NuFcPRO

tactics undringstaktiken 41131

For me, this is right up there with 4-2-3-1, as it feels like the formation falls between the 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3.

This is the tactic you use if you have an outstanding central midfielder who you can’t find a place for in a 4-2-3-1 while using two defensive midfielders.

It seems a pretty simple tweak, but you move one of the defensive midfielders into a more advanced position, playing them as a mezzala or a simple central midfielder.

By doing this, your team still has a good balance but also has an extra player to aid its attacking efforts. That extra player in support of the attack can often be the lynchpin of your team.

I used the example tactic for the longest on FM24, as it seemed perfect for the players I had. To be honest, it performed well with the majority of the teams I have tested it with.

Let us know if you use any of my favourite tactics on Fm24 via our socials.