Our favourite tactics: The PERFECT 4231 Plug n Play

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In the next few weeks and months, we will look at the tactics we have enjoyed using in our FM saves. The first one we will look at is The PERFECT 4231 Plug n Play by RDF, who will feature heavily in our tactic pages, as for us, he is one of the best tactic creators and YouTubers we have seen in the community.

The perfect 4231

When it comes to tactics, the 4231 has proven to be one of the most popular and successful tactics in FM’s recent history. In fact, it has proven to be so effective that some in the community consider it to be something of a cheat code for picking for glory in the world’s favourite football managerial sim.

However, if you, like us, like to watch your team dominate play, score goals, and win football games, then the 4231 can bring a lot of joy and excitement.

Our Everton save in the year 2037

The particular version we use, the PERFECT 4231 Plug n Play, is right up there with the best 4231 tactics we have used. We used the home version, but there is also an away version and an away version to use against elite teams. However, we found the home version was good enough to win most matches, so we left the other two untested.

team tactics

Using this tactic, we have dominated the Premier League and won the Champions League twice. For the last four seasons, we have mostly used the tactic. Our record in the below screenshot shows our success in the English top flight.

premier league record

It is important to state that I experimented with different tactics in the season 2034/35, which resulted in only runners-up spot. However, due to the disappointing league placement, we revisited the tactic and have only strayed a couple of times as other tactics have tempted us.

I moved away from the tactic in the current campaign and suffered two league defeats. The other ten games finished in victories, using our favourite tactic.

league table

We are currently in second place in the table because of our hair-brain decision to experiment with not one but two different tactics in the league defeats. However, you can see that we are the top goalscorers in the league with 34 goals and have the third-best defence in the division after 12 league games.

Goals and solid defence

The number of goals conceded this season is slightly disappointing, as in the past four seasons, even when we finish second, we have had the best defensive record in the Premier League. In season 2033/34, goalkeeper Tyler Culverhouse kept a record 27 clean sheets in 38 top-flight appearances.

Now whether this is down to the tactic or the fact that my goalkeeper and defenders are all at least four-star players is unknown. However, by anybody’s standards, that is an excellent clean sheet record. Maybe we will try this tactic with another team in the future and see if it is still as solid with teams with less talented players.

Don’t think this is a defensive tactic, though, as in all four seasons using the tactic, we have scored over a century of league goals while finishing as the league’s top goalscorers on four occasions.

How have the individual roles performed?

The tactic is one of the most well-balanced we have used. It doesn’t sacrifice defensive solidity to pose an attacking threat. The inside forwards, advanced playmakers and pressing forward concentrate on providing the attacking threat, all four get on the scoresheet regularly, and the goals are spread throughout the front players.

On one occasion, the advanced playmaker scored over 30 goals in all competitions, while the players who have played as the pressing forward tend to get over 30 goals each season. When it comes to goals, the inside forwards are less productive but, alongside the advanced playmaker, produce most of the team’s assists.

The full-backs also pop up with the odd goal and assist. However, they mainly provide solidity and discipline in defence.

Meanwhile, the roaming playmaker was also highly effective at producing assists. The ball-winning midfielder does his job, sits in the middle of the pitch, wins the ball back, and often gives the ball to the roaming playmaker.

The centre-backs are ball-playing defenders who often contributed at least five league goals on average in the Premier League. If you are playing in the lower leagues, finding suitable players to fill the two ball-playing centre-back roles may be more difficult.

A tactic we love

We have to thank RDF for producing this tactic and don’t forget to check out his site and YouTube channel. We haven’t enjoyed such a well-balanced tactic in a long time. The perfect 4231 gives you everything you need in a tactic and so much more.

The only issue may be that it has only been tested in the Premier League with a great set of players. We have yet to try it with another team or in the lower league, which we may do in the future. However, it seems like the sort of tactic that could translate to most teams in most leagues.

Have you tried the PERFECT 4231 Plug n Play?