#FM18 Tempo Thoughts


Hello from Tempo Towers.

Not long now, eh? It’ll be here before we know it. No, not Christmas. FM18.

It seems that the “community” are doing loads of cool reveals about what they will be doing once the new game hits the laptop screen so I thought we should probably stumble along somewhat aimlessly and tell you about some of the things that we are planning come November.

#1 The Main Feature Save

We reckon we’ve stumbled across something unique and there is going to be a whole introduction to it thrown together over the next few days. Without giving too much away, otherwise we’d ruin the surprise, it involves an official partnership with one of the sponsors of a Premier League side. As part of that agreement, we have more swag than Pogba after a jaunt to LA and we will be sharing said swag with our followers.

The save will, obviously, be based around the club that our partner company sponsors – and we will be looking to make it as interactive as possible with you guys – we might even let you decide a few things along the way like the tactics chosen, signings we want to make etc etc etc. Sure, people have done that before but they’ve not done it (to our knowledge) working so closely with a real club and their sponsors – I mean, if you win that week’s Tempo competition for getting involved in the save and win tickets to that weekend’s match you’d be alright with that, no?

So watch this space – we are very excited about it.

#2 Weekly Tempo YouTube Tactics

We dabbled in a bit of this during FM17 just to find our feet and decide what worked and what didn’t. As a result, we learned that people LOVE tactically based videos so myself and @fmanalysis will be putting together weekly breakdowns of real-life tactics on FM18, similar to what we did with uMAXit earlier this year. We might even venture into testing a few community efforts and seeing how close to the real-life version it has got.

#3 Goal of the Week / Month / FM18

We really enjoyed putting these together, but completely appreciate the submission process wasn’t ideal – so we will be back with these but make it easier for everyone to get involved.

#4 Graphics

Hopefully, though admittedly this is yet to be 100% nailed down, we will have some graphics that are exclusive to Tempo for FM18. Watch this space and don’t shout at us if we don’t pull this one off.

#5 The Tempo10

If we can get our new presenter to get his backside into gear, then we will be back with a weekly podcast – if you want to be involved in any way, shape or form do get in touch.

#6 The ESDFanalysis.com Challenge

So, our sister tactical analysis site www.esdfanalysis.com has gone from strength to strength in the last six months since we launched. Our analysts have taken the time to come up with the hottest prospects in world football and we are combining them into a list. We will do some in-depth analysis of each player over the coming weeks before, at some point, after FM18 has fully bedded in, start a save looking to get as many of the ESDF Top 25 (50, 100 whatever we end up with) in the squad as possible.

#7 My Personal Save

I’m a little on the fence about this one, and will probably do a piece in the next week or so thinking out loud about where I want to go. Possible places are Brescia, a second division team in Turkey whose name escapes me, the MLS, the Indian Super League and/or bringing Johnny Cooper out of retirement – maybe a dramatic return to Field Mill 15 years on? Who knows. I’m also very open to ideas.

Of course, on top of all the above we hope to continue doing what we have been doing all year – providing some good story based content for you all to follow, chucking in a few useful guides, and looking to link things of interest to the real world and seeing how they play out in FM as often as possible.

As ever, if you want to join the writing team please do get in touch!

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