Systems engineering and football: Anglo-Saxan Chronicle 42


So what does a systems engineering approach to football management – especially the management of FC Saxan in the Moldovan top tier (Divizia Nationala) – look like?

I don’t yet know – when, prior to being appointed, I floated the idea over dinner with the chairman, Eugeniu Merciu, I was talking off the top of my head. But Merciu, who is not only a trained engineer but also a successful business owner – is the kind of man who believes firmly that the proof of the pudding (Moldovan chickpea pudding, no doubt) – so I’d better come up with something.

The first step is to identify the various systems at play.

I stand in front of the whiteboard in my office that I’ve been itching to use and begin to map the systems. I started thinking about this on my voyage from Istanbul to Giurgiulesti and have been thinking about each evening during my walk in the park once I’m back home in Taraclia.

I have identified five systems:

  1. Talent acquisition (TA)
  2. Talent management (TM)
  3. Finance (F)
  4. The business environment (BE)
  5. Continuity (C)

Using the notation FM for football management and f to represent ‘is a function of’, I write top-centre:

FM f (TA, TM, F, BE, C).

I like to feel I’ve written something profound. I feel sure that Grace, my PA, will be both intrigued and impressed.