The key to scouting for staff: Anglo-Saxan Chronicle 40


In my previous post I introduced the notion of an Lp number. This is the maximum number of criteria that it is practical to use when scouting for a player.

For example, I reckon the Lp number (‘L’  standing for league and ‘p’ standing for player) for Moldova’s top flight is 3: that is, when scouting for a player I will restrict the number of key criteria to three (say, for example, tackling, marking, and heading for a centre-back).

I also try to determine an Ls number, where the ‘s’ stands for staff. I reckon the Ls number for Moldova is 2. That is, when I search for staff, I find that I have to restrict the number of criteria to 2.

For example, now the time has come to search for a physio, I search for ‘determination’ and ‘physiotherapy’. I’d like to search for others (notably discipline) but I have to be realistic about what’s likely to be out there.

So I reckon that for the top flight in Moldova, Lp = 3 and Ls = 2. Perhaps we could go a stage further and add the two together to give a single index figure (= 5) for the league.