Assessment of talent: Anglo-Saxan Chronicle 44


In my role as manager of FC Saxan, I’m attempting to develop a systems engineering approach to football management. One of the systems involved in managing the club, is talent acquisition (TA). There are two ways to acquire new talent: through recruitment and through developing the talents of existing players.

Recruitment entails a set of sub-systems, namely:

  • Discovery (Dis)
  • Assessment (As)
  • Offers and contracting (OC)

Previously we’ve considered Di. What of As?

There are six sources of assessment data:

  1. Attributes (Att)
  2. Other data (Da) presented on a player’s profile (for example, age, height, and personality)
  3. Match ratings (MR)
  4. Performance statistics (PSt)
  5. Reports and reactions (RR)
  6. Observation (Obs)

How such data should be interpreted is often non-obvious and can be the source of controversy about aficionados of football management, so we’ll need to consider them in some detail.

For now, though, we can summarise as follows:

As f (Att, Da, MR, PSt, RR, Obs)