Appointing physios: Anglo-Saxan Chronicle 47


One thing I can’t complain about at FC Saxan is clerical efficiency. The paperwork entailed in hiring and firing seems to get done remarkably swiftly. I suppose having a businessman as Chairman helps: Eugeniu Merciu seems to have imported into the club the businesslike approach he acquired whilst building his agricultural machinery company.

If you ever find yourself between the Danube and the Dniester and in urgent need of a combine harvester, I can give you his number.

Pretty soon Grace, my personal assistant, is popping in and out with written confirmations of my backroom appointments.

First up, the physios.

I discovered pretty quickly that there was a dearth of physiotherapy expertise in Moldova. No point moaning about that, there’s nothing I can do. And I guess it’s the same for our competitors.

In fact, I’m pretty pleased with our appointments. I was able to follow my protocol for appointing physios more than I feared would be the case.

Alexandru Cubrac strikes me as a pretty determined kind of fellow and he will exert some discipline too. I’m especially keen to have some discipline in the club, given that we’re expected to be under pressure from a relegation campaign.

Much the same is true of his sidekick, Alexandru Apostol. In fact, if anything, he’s even more determined. Neither of them has much by way of experience or reputation, so I’m hoping we will be able to keep them and that they might develop. And they both speak the lingo, so there’s no need for expensive language tuition.

Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted that in one way I seem to have departed from my protocol, which suggests giving preference to personality. Why is the fairly-determined Cubrac the Head Physio, not the driven Apostol?

The reason is that Cubrac wasn’t my first choice. The first guy who accepted an offer from us for Head Physio was poached by another club.