Appointing a goalie coach: Anglo-Saxan Chronicle 51


Regular readers (good morning to both of you, gentlemen) will be aware of a tension between my ideal approach and the realities of managing FC Saxan.

A case in the point is the business of appointing a goalkeeping coach. I was always going to appoint a specialist: there was never any question about that. I even developed a protocol for doing so.

But, as I’ve previously explained, the dearth of talent means that, in practice, the protocol is different to apply. I did my best, but this is what I came up with:

Limited specialist ability, underwhelming personality. On the other hand, he’s quite determined (well fairly) and can motivate people a little (and given the reputation of our defenders, our goalies might welcome a little encouragement). And he speaks the lingo.

It’s a one-year contract.