Appointing a factotum: Anglo-Saxan Chronicle 49


According to a memo from FC Saxan’s chairman, I can appoint four members of staff for the U19 squad – a manager and assistant manager, a coach, and a physio. Plus a Head of Youth Development.

Mr Merciu, that’s very good of you – but we have no players in the U19 squad. Plus we have only basic youth facilities, basic youth recruitment, and minimal junior coaching. I can’t see us attracting many good young players any time soon.

So we don’t need all those staff members. What would they do all day? I decide to appoint just one person, who could look after the lot – U19 and youth development, the whole shebang. All he has to do is a decent enough job for me to be able to ignore the whole underwhelming operation and focus my energies 100% on keeping the first team in the top flight.

Enter Octavian Bodean.

He has a reputation for adaptability, which he will need if he’s going to cover all bases. He also has a reasonable eye for potential and is good working with youngsters, which will come in handy should we ever acquire any.

I remember the telephone interview. What’s your preferred playing style? mixed. preferred coaching style: general. Pressing style? mixed. Now let me guess: your preferred marking style wouldn’t happen to be mixed, would it?

That’s what I want. Middle of the road. Bland, you might even say. Plus I like his name, which has the ring of distinction.

We’ll use the U19 fixtures to keep players match fit. Try to cobble together a team, get them out on the park, and play whatever tactics turn you on.

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