Appointing a coach: Anglo-Saxan Chronicle 53


Previously I set out my criteria for appointing a coach at FC Saxan:

  1. The candidate needs to be strong in an area of coaching in which we’re currently weak (notably, attacking).
  2. He needs not to have an inappropriate personality.
  3. He needs to be at least fair mentally, in such areas as determination and discipline.
  4. And, as in the case of the assistant manager, his approach to coaching and to tactics must be reasonably compatible with my own.

Here is what, in the event, we came up with:

For most of my backroom appointments, I’ve felt unenthusiastic: it’s been a case of contenting oneself with the best option, even when that option is underwhelming.

With Vladimir, however, I feel at least a flicker of excitement. He meets the criteria pretty well. I particularly welcome his ability to motivate.

But what I like most is his ability, and preference, to coach technically. That’s rare in this league (the Moldovan top flight) and could make a difference to the quality of our play.

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