Stakeholder management, the press: Anglo-Saxan Chronicle 35


My next meeting with stakeholders consists of a press conference. I reckon I can keep the press reasonably happy simply by making a point of always showing up myself, rather than sending a deputy, and by answering every question, even if it’s with a ‘no comment’.

I can also use the press to send messages to other stakeholders, principally players, competing teams, the fans, and the board.

I’ll make a particular effort with Sergei Staris, the reporter for the local rag. In my first press conference, at the start of my second day in charge, he strikes me as a real enthusiast, bless him. We might be glad of an enthusiastic tone if the season proves as tough as everyone is predicting.

I confirm that we’ll be concentrating on the league.

‘Press conference’, by the way, turned out to be a somewhat inflated term: it consisted of Staris and me, with Grace as interpreter.