Six into five doesn’t go: Anglo-Saxan Chronicle 23


The memo from the board on the staffing allocation specifies that we’re allowed an assistant manager and three coaches. With me that makes five. Between us, the backroom team will have to cover six coaching functions, namely fitness, goalkeeping, defending, attacking, ball control, and shooting.

Six into five doesn’t go, so at least one person will need to double up.

One area I won’t compromise on is fitness coaching. A good fitness coach will help us to get the most out of players and so help us make nest use of our resources.

But before I turn to appointing a fitness coach, I want to design a protocol for the acquisition of such coaches.

Another area I won’t compromise on is goalkeeping coaching. We’re candidates to go down. Our last line of defence needs to be as strong as possible. I, therefore, also need to design a protocol for acquiring goalkeeping coaches.