Perhaps not: Anglo-Saxan Chronicle 9


‘Stakeholder management.’

Our host, the chairman of FC Saxan, looks quizzically at my wife, Karen. She has just volunteered this idea as a contribution to our conversation on how we can approach football management as an engineering project.

‘When you build a construction project – a housing development, say, or a transport system – it pays to consider your stakeholders.’

‘I have sometimes heard people in Western Europe use this term,’ says Merciu, ‘but I don’t know what they mean by it.’

‘Your stakeholders,’ Karen explains, ‘are all those people who can influence your business or be influenced by it.’

‘Rather than just the shareholders,’ I add.

Eugeniu Merciu would be lousy at poker. His face is an open book. When he’s bored by an idea, he looks bored. He’s looking bored now.

OK, let’s park the stakeholder management idea.