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Last week saw the second content creator Q&A, this time with YouTuber Footballmanagerzone. Richard has been posting videos on The Higher Tempo Press for some time now so we wanted to know more from him. As with last time it was on the FM Slack channel, if you’re not already a member then sign up and join our channel.

Tempo writer Spiritedklopp wanted to know more about Richard’s history with the game and asked how did u come across football manager?

“I actually played football manager 94 with my uncle and my sister on his amiga, I had to be man utd as my sister too is a spurs fan, when we got a PC it was the first thing I bought for it, floppy discs and all lol”

Have you played them all?

“no I missed championship manager 3 my pc at the time couldnt load it, but other than that I’ve played every other one”

Tempo chief Chris Darwen asked about how he got into making videos in the first place Who inspired you to start making YouTube content?

“Well towards the end of 2015 I’d started watching content on YT started at the top with Doctor Benjy and Fox in the box, I watched bens video on OBS and how to make it work for FM, the rest as they say is history”

Writer of Totally Rad Tryingtobepep asked what would you advise someone who wanted to start making youtube videos? Especially for games like FM

“I’d say practice practice practice, I didn’t and just jumped in with fulham and it wasnt until I got half way through my fulham save I was happy with the way I did things, get yourself a good mic, dont worry to much about a camera at first and lastly set yourself a simple schedule dont over do it at the start its about quality not quantity”

So in the early days did you ever not record something and regretted it?

“not with fulham but with ajax yes, we beat real madrid in the champions league and id recorded the game before, so this is why I say set a schedule and work your game time around it so you dont miss the big moments potentially”

Anthony Haynes popped into the channel and asked What kinds of thing do you think video’s not so good for, compared to say blogging or podcasts?

“I’m not sure really sure, videos are good for most fm stuff as its all watchable”

Do you edit out much content e.g. Losses or dull games?

“not really editing wise, I might edit out a small chance if I’m short for time I aim to have videos around 15-18 mins long”

Does it take a significant amount of time to edit videos? What software do you use to do the editing?

“I use premier pro 2015, I was using movie maker for a long time, its quite easy to use for 19.99 a month, it takes about 3 hours to edit, render and upload to YT unless I hit issues. I generally set aside 2 nights to edit and render out of my week”

Your intro for the current save is really well done, did it take long?

“it did a few days to find the right photos etc, and music that was the hardest part if you look closely in the picture you can see me as thats the goal I sit behind, I have a season ticket at the lane”

Is that something you have always done or developed over time?

“no I think as my series have gone on the intros have gotten better, I tend to think too big so have to really scale it back, I was given advice to keep it short so this ones about 20 secs, the original idea was about 1 min long so i started again”

Keysi Rensie asked what best/worst/funniest comment you’ve ever received on your video(s)?

“best – someone gave me advice to a clause at sheff utd of 4 million that I cashed in on
funniest – I was told I was being sacked in the morning at Blackpool and promptly was, fortunately i dont get too many comments to get bad ones”

Have you got a side save at the moment?

“no generally I play other games in the time I don’t play fm. I play fm 3 times a week maybe 4”

How did you start to post on the higher tempo press and would you recommend it to other YouTubers?

“I’m not really sure how it actually started, I was looking for other places besides YT to show my content, Chris was kind enough to allow me to add my videos to the site, I would recommend it there are very few places / website that welcome content unless your in with the runner of said site, I approached some who werent very welcoming”

Will you keep making videos for FM18 and do you have a save in mind already?

“yes all being well I will be still here for fm18, if all this had been about years ago I’d have done it then when I had loads more time lol, someone gave me a interesting idea which im mulling over but nothings set in stone at the moment”

If you would like to see more from Richard, click here.

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