To play a diamond you need a play-maker 6.1

To The Promised Land

After 26 matches, the Israeli Premier League splits in two. The top half dozen, who can no longer be relegated, compete for continental places.

Good news: we made the cut. Bad news, we fell apart, winning only one out of ten.

I’ve been playing with a narrow diamond. But with a diamond you need a play-maker. The best we have is the boy Ben-Abu:

Haim’s the kind of player I’m good with. I got him playing better than we had any right to expect. With those attributes, 29 appearances with an average rating of 7.19 is a good return.

And he’s got some spark: vision and flair, the kind of combination we need.

But his passing lets him down. He’s only 18: that side of his game might develop. But for the moment, he’s not ready to be the linchpin in the diamond.

Back to the tactical drawing board.

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