A Tactical Crusade – Farewell

A Tactical Crusade

It is a sad time in my life, standing at the door of my hotel room after my sacking at Hull City, the cackling of my Judas like assistant still ringing in my ear and a tear streaming down my cheek. I face a conundrum of what to do next in my managerial career, do I keep at it, hoping that my capitulation at Hull was a one off and go on to become the great manager I thought myself to be one day? Or do I throw in the proverbial towel? And be forever known as a failure.

Still standing at the entrance, people staring in amazement that a man cannot understand the basic functionality of a key card access hotel door, I look back at my time with the Tigers wondering what went wrong? Was it me? Was my tactic just too complex and too attacking for a relegation threatened team? We started so well and we just imploded on ourselves.

I let out a deep sigh of desperation, the farewell balloon the board got me slowly deflating, much like my ambition for this cruel profession. It’s all over, six months in and it’s over, how can I bring myself back from this? No self-respected club will want me now, well maybe Aston Villa, they did hire Tim Sherwood after all.

No! I need to get back into the career I love, I can do this I can right my wrongs show the world I’m a world class manager, I will probably have to work my way back to the top but I can still do this.

“Sir?” I quickly snap out of my daydream to find myself still at my door and a host of hotel staff readying themselves with blankets and a concerned look on their faces “you’ve been standing in front of your room for forty five minutes, are you ok?”.

This is too much, I can’t take this anymore, I know I’ve only been in the game six months but those six months have turned me into a man I don’t like the look of, a man who takes forty five minutes to open a door. It’s time to say goodbye to this wonderful occupation and officially retire as a manager.

Leaving behind a legacy of defeat and despair is not how I wanted it to end, but losing so many games left me with hardly any energy to continue and I believe this is the right decision to make.

Goodbye all and thanks for the memories.

It is with a heavy heart I leave this save I lost the love for it that I desire to keep going on with it, a new save will start soon though, you haven’t gotten rid of me that easily. Watch this space.

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