#FM17 | The Ultimate Journey | Sacked?


Let’s have a recap of the last post, we attended a board meeting with our club owner John Comitis over our future at the club. I was swift in making his intentions clear he demanded 8 points from the 15 available.

So What Happened?

Game 1 VS Polokwane FC

3 points in the bag is this the sign of things to come? Well I think not we were quite fortunate to get 3 points here Polokwane made the better of the chances but we were in front our home crowd and we took the chances that came our way. Onto the next please.3/3

Game 2 VS Orlando Pirates

Onto game two truth be told we got battered. Though the stats suggested that it was quite a 50-50 game but Orlando came up on top with 4 goals away from their home turf. Absolutely gutted if you ask me. Orlando were among the best teams in the divisions though. 1-4 flatters Orlando Pirates in my opinion.3/6

Game 3 VS Sundowns

Oh God please make this stop! Another game another loss it’s becoming a recurring theme now isn’t it? Sundowns were deserved victors and we had nothing to show for it, saying that we have scored in all the three games yet so….3/9

Game 4 VS FC Stars

This was make or break for us, even if we drew this game I was out so a win was must!

  • 5 mins in we hit the post. Diakhate NOOOOO! We have started at a good pace
  • 42 mins we come close from a corner Putshe shot straight at the keeper
  • With this we were at half time, I went shouty shouty at the players and used the usual (Where’s the passion lads?)
  • 58 mins in FC Stars have there first chance, Ngasa shot well saved by our keeper Walters
  • 60 mins in we make our first change Jayiya in and Shaquille Abrahams out
  • 70 mins in a simple cross is spilled by our keeper Walters and FC Star striker Kiiza misses a sitter. (I had my heart in my hands)
  • 75 mins still 0-0, Nodaba and Seedat come on for us to live in up to attacking line
  • 84 mins in Ventar from FC Star charging at my defence but his shot was well wide
  • 87th min Ngasa shot was over the bar

The match ended 0-0 and right after the post match interview I got this email..

That was it end of the road here at Cape Town.


After I got sacked I applied for jobs in South Africa and as the rules stated in the Introduction post that I can’t move out of Africa until and unless I have won the South African Premier League. Hence I wanted until the right moment came along, as there were a few jobs in the second division but they did not interest me as to win the title I wanted one which was in the top division and had the potential to win the title.

Nearly at the end of the season when I thought that I was going to take a step down to the second division I got this email that there have been two sackings 1st The manager of Wits and then the manager of Ajax CT. I quickly applied for both posts and..

I was delighted because both played in the South African Premier League and weren’t near relegation. OH BOY!

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