Back to the drawing board 2.7

To The Promised Land

The fact that Israel’s Toto Cup, played at the beginning of the season, permits the selection of foreign triallists has given me an opportunity to assess two Argentinian left-sided centre-backs – Barrena and Palacio. I’m expecting to sign one of them, for Hapoel Ashkelon.

I alternated the two, giving them two matches each.

Palacio’s main weakness, namely a lack of composure, became all too evident. Against Beitar Jerusalem he fell part (rating 5.9). I yelled at him, he retorted that he’s played well; and we put him on the first flight back.

So Barrena it is then. Except that I hadn’t bargained for his agent, Juan Jose Suarez, with whom in fact you can’t bargain. We drove Barrena to the airport shortly afterwards.

Afterwards I begin to feel that, though Suarez has done his client no favours, perhaps he’s done us one. Looking at Barrena’s profile again I realise that his lack of concentration would always leave me, and no doubt our goalkeeper, nervous.

Back to the drawing board. 🙁

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