#FM17 | Plugged into the Mainz | A Tactical Approach


So, after reading several blogs over the past few months I now understand more what the FM community means when they say they are “Bored!” or “Same Old Read!” or “Not My Thing!” for a lot of the content out there, and in that I include my current Oxford United save which is very much the same of what is out there already – save stories with images, blocks of text and GIF’s.

I like this style and understand why people do it, as it’s easy and simple and quick compared to more detailed tactical articles. But I am changing my blog series for this save with Mainz of Germany. I may take longer to get articles published, but I hope the impact of one article will be bigger than 2-3 articles over a few months. A less is more attitude I think is a way of looking at it.

So what will be different you may be thinking ?

I’m not 100% sure as it’s still a learning project, but I know my articles will circulate every few weeks – every month as I think they will take a lot longer to produce because of the fine detail I hope to gather.

My main aim is to get you the reader engaged and asking “Why? Why has he done this? Can I help this make his team better with a tactical suggestion? Can I suggest a player who may be better in his youth team or even a new transfer with how he will improve the first team or squad overall?” Questions folks, questions. We can all produce saves that are Team A, Team B, Team C etc etc has won Competition A, B C for 10 years on the bounce. I want to engage people in my save and myself in the FM community at a higher level and hope new style posts will do just this.

I will include more of the tactical progression of my side, plus individual view points for shots and passes for matches so lets hope I get enough time to progress and not get sacked which as we know, could be the end of this experiment!

For now I’ll leave it here and hope you will look out for my first official article on ‘Plugged into the Mainz’ which should be out very soon.

As always you can contact me via my Twitter account uptheborofm or via and don’t forget to check out my blog for all my latest Football Manager content.

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Well maybe to clarify that I am not a Oxford United fan but I certainly am enjoying the current FM17 save with the U’s. My passion for Middlesbrough, my hometown club is too strong to ever stray to another football club. I have followed Boro all my life and this fits in nicely with the love of the game ‘Football Manager’. I support the Boro from a far since I moved South but still attend matches when time allows. In terms of FM history. Well i will keep it brief but i have played it since the days of Championship Manager and before the SEGA days. (Yes, i’m a old fella now) but have continued to play and enjoy the whole game whatever the changes have been. I decided to take my playing online with blog posts on my site uptheborfm.wordpress.com as well as posting updates via my personal Twitter account