#FM17 | Hapoel Hope 1.49 | Clean Sheets


As I’ve written before, they do things differently in Israel.

The range of bonuses that Hapole Ashkelon permits me to offer a player is currently very limited. I can, for example, offer a bonus for scoring a certain number of goals per season, but not a bonus for each goal.

The one I miss most is the bonus, payable to goalies and defenders, for keeping a clean sheet. This, in the parallel universes known as FM14-16, I used to whack up high (typically to the maximum, for goalies)

Each clean sheet would cost the club a fortune, but if you keep clean sheets you can’t go far wrong.

I accept this can make players overly cautious, but then I’m that way inclined myself.

Football affords no greater aesthetic delight than the curves of the oval recording the failure of the opposition to score.