#FM17 | Hapoel Hope 1.39 | Goalkeeper Paranoia


At Hapoel Ashkelon FC I will follow my usual policy regarding goalkeepers (GKs), which can be summed up in the formula GK ≥ (T + 1), where GK = number of goalies and T = number of teams.

If for example I’m managing a club with a senior squad, reserve squad, and youth squad, for example, I’ll want to have at least 4 GKs. I might well have 5, though in that case one is likely to be out on loan (either short-term loan or available to recall).

I’m told this is too many, but there is a reason behind my formula – namely that, when it comes to GKs, I’m paranoid.

Not a baseless, free-floating, paranoia: one rooted in experience.

In my second-ever FM save, I managed Fulham. Fulham had some good GKs, but there came a time where none was available and I ended up playing Scottie Parker in goal.

Parker’s a versatile player, as ‘arry will tell you (see, for entertaining confirmation,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn4rIJKivy4). But even Scottie has his limitations and keeping goal is one of them.

Still, at least he gave it a go – couldn’t see Berbatov doing that.