#FM17 : The Hapoel Hope 1.37 : In the air


Nissan Kapeta, Hapoel Ashkelon’s rather competent Chief Scout, has come through with some candidates for centre-back. Neither of them is Bobby Moore, but perhaps they can do a job.

I try a 19 year-old first but he wants more than I’m prepared to play. Frankly, I think the young man should have been grateful for the opportunity. So I return to 20 year-old Saief Fadul, who’s available on loan.

Kapeta’s report indicates that, unfortunately, his game is marred by some of the deficiencies our own defenders specialising in. He’s been known to switch off on occasional and he’s too easily rattled. But unlike them, he’s good in the air and is good at making decisions.

I want to get all our business done before the hurly-burly of deadline day. You get ripped off on deadline day. He’s not a world-beater but he’s the best candidate we’ve unearthed and he promises to bring something to the team. Plus it’s more competition for places. Done.

So, to my surprise, I’ve managed to bring three in: Wagner (LB); Fadul (CB); and M’peti (ST). I’m relieved to have some signings of my own in the squad: it makes me feel I have my shoes firmly under the desk.

If anything I’m even more pleased by to have shipped two out: the aging Buzaglo (RM) and the erratic Dao (ST). I would have liked to get the maddening Swisa (ST) out the door too, but his suitors turned out to be like him: plenty of promise, no end-product.

With three of my own in, I guess I won’t be able to make excuses now. Unlike Tomer ‘I’m shocked, as always, to have been disciplined’ Swisa.