#FM17 : [Second Half] 10 – Olivia



“I’m telling you man, that’s the kind of results that’s going to make it all possible. Remember how the old Fergie team used to grind out results when they were playing like shit? Or all the one-nil that Mourinho used to get. Fuck man, they might be able to do this.”


“Don’t be ridiculous, they are going to crash. There’s no chance in hell The Blues are going to get to the playoffs even if they win everything else ok?”


“No man, this could be a historic moment! I mean have you seen the Premier League lately? Leicester is going strong and even they might win that title!”


“Come on Eddie, are you listening to yourself? You shouldn’t be saying such things you know,” said James, clearly getting a bit annoyed at the delusion that was emanating non-stop from his friend.


“Come on Eddie, are you listening to yourself,” mocked Eddie in reverse. “You know what James, you’re a bummer. Football is all about fantasies like this!”


Then, an unexpected voice joined in the heated footballing discussion.


“Hi,” said the voice. “I overheard your conversation and just want to say that I’m a believer that Bishop’s Stortford might make it. Sorry for interrupting.”


Eddie and James turned around to the source of that voice, a young lady at the other table. There was an air of gentle elegance around her. Sweet, a little bit bookish, and most definitely charming.


“No, no, don’t be sorry,” replied James. “Glad to meet a believer in the power of football! Anyway, I’m James.”


“Olivia,” said the young lady as she extended her hand to shake James’.


“And this is Eddie,” added James.


She smiled politely to the two gentlemen with a smile that could melt hearts and send men to war.


“So Olivia, tell me. Why do you think The Blues can do this?” asked Eddie, hoping that the answer will spite James.


“Well, I like that new manager, I think he’s cute. And my boss also has a lot of money on them hitting the playoffs.”


“I really hope you get your wish Olivia, but I just hope that it doesn’t come at the expense of our club,” said James.


“Oh, your club?” Olivia asked.


“Yeah, we volunteer at Eastbourne Borough F.C. We work in the backroom, getting the jerseys, equipments, refreshments, and what-not ready for the players on game day.”


“Ooooh, that sounds pretty fun! Can anyone volunteer and be in the backroom?”


“Well, not anyone can enter the changing rooms but if you give me your number, I might be able to give you a private tour,” James offered, spotting the opportunity to get the number of the fine lady.


As Olivia obliged, James felt pleased with himself while Eddie was chuffed at how the football non-believer could score one over him. The small talk continued and it made Eddie more upset that he had won the argument about Bishop’s Stortford’s chances but failed to make the acquaintance of this eloquent, football-loving woman.


Eventually, the time came for James and Eddie to leave and when they are out of sight, Olivia took out her phone and sent a text to her boss. It read: “I’m in.”


Second Half is a story about Jac Grey who lost everything in his life and tries to rebuild it all by travelling halfway across the world to take up a job that he was unqualified for  – as a football manager. For the full story, visit Jac’s at shadowcatjac.wordpress.com. You can also get me on Twitter @shadowcatjac.


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