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How to choose the best role for your fullbacks

Kyle Walker
Almost everyone needs them. Almost everyone wants them. They do a lot of work and their role has changed a lot in recent past. I am – of course – talking about fullbacks. Some teams obviously play with three Central Defenders, turning the fullbacks...

How to choose the best player role for your number 10

Roberto Baggio
Pure Number 10 players are the kind of species that we, football fans, love to admire. The number 10 position it is indissolubly linked with skills, vision, and creativity. They are the players people buy ticket for, the ones that can turn a match around....

#FM17 | The Tempo Skin

  When the full version of new Football Manager game is released, many new custom skins are produced around the FM community through various forums and sites. There are skins with size more than 100MB with plenty of custom graphics, background pictures, icons and many...

Adapting Aspects of Moneyball into Football Manager

Adapting Aspects of ‘Moneyball’ into Football Manager Follow @DistanceCovered on Twitter. The Real-World Concept After gaging initial opinions on the concept of ‘Moneyball’, it was evident that it’s a very sensitive issue and people have varying perceptions on the definition of the theory and what it involves....

The Trophy Wife #1

What would happen if you played Football Manager, but someone else signed all the players? There'd be no more 5 star newgens plucked from the Norwegian Second Division, no Lucas Romero and Geronimo Rulli on free transfers, your whole transfer policy is set and...