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Hi, I'm a big Football Manager and Liverpool addict. Here I share my Football Manager save experiences.
The Ultimate Journey

Moving to Asia

The Ultimate Journey

Bye Bye Australia

The Ultimate Journey

False Hope

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FM18: 5 Things To Do When Setting Up A Tactic

Welcome to a new series here on The Higher Tempo as a collection of our best Football Manager writers take a look at guiding you through '5 Things' to do when undertaking a particular task on Football Manager 2018. In this guide, we're looking...

FM Graphics: Hungary Custom kit pack

It's been a couple of weeks since I released the custom kitpack for Czech first division. During last weeks I worked on other kits. Mainly for my own save in Football Manager 2018 as I would like to play my main game in Hungary.  And...

FM18 Formation Guide: 4-1-2-3

A New Year So, FM18 is upon us. Plenty of new features, updated squads and another year of managerial challenges. Before any new player gets their teeth stuck into a save though, they have to make a few early decisions. Who to manage, who to...

Tactics Tested: Manchester City

Barca Style of Play Pep Guardiola started to implement his playing style upon his Man City team almost as soon as he arrived last season, but with an ageing squad and after a disappointing season with Bayern, he couldn’t reach the dizzying heights of his...

Recreating Klopp’s Tactics in FM17

Jurgen Klopp has been winning praise for the way he aims to be only the 3rd manager to take Liverpool into the top 4 within the last 10 years, but is it possible to replicate his “heavy metal” style of football in FM17? To work...