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Canary Corner – Part 6


Canary Corner – Part 5

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The Set Pieces: 3 rules to make the most of the hidden weapon of Football Manager

Imagine, you became a manager of the small amateur club with limited financial options, you have only one coach and part-time physio and your players train after their shifts at work. You hope they will play with your own philosophy, with your favourite formation...

FM18 Formation Guide: 4-1-2-3

A New Year So, FM18 is upon us. Plenty of new features, updated squads and another year of managerial challenges. Before any new player gets their teeth stuck into a save though, they have to make a few early decisions. Who to manage, who to...

FM18 Formation Guide: 4-2-3-1

Formation History During the late 2000’s, football saw a sharp decline in teams using 2 strikers. Managers realised that they could control the game better if one of those strikers sat permanently deeper, filling into the CAM role. This would give them more dominance in...

Far Post Corner Kick Routine Exploit

Far Post delivery = goal! Football Manager 2018 Beta version was released two weeks before full version and we are able to test new things in our beloved game. One of my main points what always test firstly are set pieces. As there are...

#FM17 | The Tempo Skin

  When the full version of new Football Manager game is released, many new custom skins are produced around the FM community through various forums and sites. There are skins with size more than 100MB with plenty of custom graphics, background pictures, icons and many...